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Statement in support of T.Q. Harris Jr. for President of Liberia in 2011

Mr. Bernard Gbayee Goah
By Bernard Gbayee Goah

Fellow Liberians, Friends, and Friends of Liberia, Liberia is still drowned in a deep-rooted societal built corruption after 14 years of self demolition, devastation, and destruction. Rampant corruption has transformed itself as a pandemic thus overshadowing progress in every strata of the Liberian society. As a result, news about alarming high illiteracy, abject poverty beyond human imagination, sky rocketing inflation coupled with deteriorating economic problems, unimaginable unemployment and poor social services continue to dominate the entire country to such extend that it has become almost difficult to determine who is ethical and who is not in Liberia today.

Rule of Law is lacking in the judiciary system as such, it has become easy for those who committed crimes against humanity to walk freely across Liberia comfortably incognito of their characters and mingling with the rest of the Liberian populace without being questioned. Such scarring news full with frustration continued to be hear and read on not only Liberian owned media but international media as well, on an hourly basis.

Power cupidity for personal wealth, and the lack of accountability, as well as a situation where it is seemingly “impossible to bring perpetrators of violations to account” or “exemption from penalty, punishment or legal sanction for perpetrators of illegal acts has categorized Liberians as a people and as a nation amongst the most corrupt nations on the entire planet.

The obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions in the public sector in Liberia has disappeared, thus given raise to the spread of immerse unstoppable embezzlement even in the private sector, in household, and from individual to individual all across Liberia even as I write.

Liberians both abroad and at home continued to make discomforted sacrifices for their country so that the future of their children will have meaning, so that their dear home Liberia will be respected amongst the nations of the sub region and the world. But the more Liberians sacrifice, the more their faces watered with tears and frustrations because of contra nationalistic select few arbitrarily driving the entire country in an abyss like a headless snake that knows neither where it comes from nor where it is going. These are those who either financially supported the killings of over 250, 000 innocent people including women and children in Liberia, or were themselves involved in such killings directly. Such people with dark clouds hanging over their heads are the once who vehemently continue to refuse to accept in most parts the TRC final recommendations. Such recommendation which is the best durable solution to pace in Liberia has been almost trashed and reinvented by detractors of peace.

The Truth and Reconciliation commission (TRC), having seen all evidences that prompted it to recommend that President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf be banned from Liberian politics for 30 years is a clear indication of the magnitude of her involvement in the Liberian civil war. President Johnson-Sirleaf’s incredulity of her level of involvement with former rebel leader Charles Taylor in the face of all the evidence is hard to be comprehended.

Fellow friends, the more I see Ghanaians, Nigerians, and other people from other African countries who used to cherish Liberia, people who were anxious to marry a Liberian women only to obtain a Liberian passport, saying horrible things about Liberia, I cry to God and ask, God, what has this country done that it deserves to be talked to so horribly by those who once looked up to it for survival? For a very long time have I wondered why Liberia? But the more I continue to wonder, the more I began to realize that the answer was right under my very feet. The more I come to realize that only Liberians can answer this question. The more I come to realize that it takes only few good people to outnumber the bad people, and the more I come to realize that I might not be alone thinking about all of this.

To be frank, I am tired of hearing news about corruption, unreal promises and failed leadership in Monrovia, that is why I have decided to support Honorable T.Q Harris Jr. to contest in the 2011 presidential election in Liberia, to provide the leadership necessary to ensure zero tolerance for corruption and create opportunities that will raise Liberians out of poverty as well as foster good governance and the rule of law.

Honorable T.Q Harris Jr. has reveal to me exemplary leadership package which is needed for Liberia to end the politics that reward self, inspire CHANGE, and renew its commitments to the basic values of hard work, honesty, personal responsibility, community and nationalism.

I am in fact inspired by the outstanding work example Honorable T. Q. has shown me as well as his continuous advocacy for the reinventing of the entire unproductive government system that delivers contra positive results in his native country Liberia.

Honorable T.Q. Harris acts of honesty continue to make me wonder about the caliber of man he is when during the toughest moment in the lives of many Liberians both at home and in the Diaspora, the honorable T.Q. Harris Jr. did not care about knowing the names of Liberians who wanted financial help, all he wanted to do was to help his fellow brothers and sisters that were in problem. The Honorable T.Q. Harris helped hundreds of Liberians financially here in the United States, In Guinea, as well as in Ghana. A Liberian named Sekou once came on the Friends of TQ conference meeting testifying how honorable Harris helped Liberians who were kicked out of their homes in Guinea resettle locally in other parts of that country.

Because of honorable Harris’ integrity, astute leadership, communal spirit, illustrious reputation, example of character and genuine love for his country, he was pertitioned to run for the 2011 elections in Liberia by groups of Liberians both in the United States, Liberia, and elsewhere in the Diaspora. I have no doubt that the leadership question that has been consistently baffled amongst Liberians and none Liberians about Liberia come 2011 is adequately answered in this son of Liberia, Honorable T.Q. Harris Jr..

Some political pessimist and their detractors might attempt to question the audacity of a technologist, a scientist and a very successful man (T.Q.Harris) to run for office of President of Liberia. They may even say he is too new. But what they will refuse to say is that T.Q. Harrris is uninfected with the entrenched corrupt practices that has been going on in government in Liberia for decades and he is a clean man. What they will most likely not mention is the extraordinary successes he has made in these advance but competitive societies such as the United States of America. Societies where those who claim they could run Liberia found it difficult to prove themselves as successfully as they have fraudulently claim over the years only to capture the attention of their prospective prey (the innocent ordinary Liberian voters).

TQ as he is widely known, does not have a huge political resume. For a huge resume will mean nothing if the expected goods cannot be delivered by a political candidate or any leader for that matter. TQ has fearlessly been around Liberian politics for over 20 years. Sometimes ago in 1997 when the country was being dictated by a monster name Charles Taylor. TQ did not fear for his life because he knew that he was preaching the truth about the country he loved so dearly. As such, even Lucifer himself was unable to touch this God fearing son of Liberia. The only option was to create a barrel intended to prevent Honorable Harris from registering as an independent political candidate in 1997. Charles Taylor was very success in doing so. I do not intend to explain all of this since TQ himself has spoken about this in most of his published articles, but so that you fully understand who T.Q. Harris is and what he stands for, I am consciously compel to tell you all that it is not the matter of a veteran politician. I have seen so many sweet tongues and self proclaimed high profile politicians who have assumed national offices, and have betrayed the trust of the Liberian people. They in no time succumbed to corruption and greed, and provided failed leaderships.

Liberia needs a leader who has sound ethical judgment. T.Q. Harris Jr. is a leader who is not susceptible to bribery or the lure of money. He is a leader who takes ownership of Liberia and feels comradery with the people in which he has been entrusted to lead.

T.Q. Harris Jr. is a leader who is able to restore hope and inspire positive change for a better Liberia.

Throughout his technical carrier so to speak as a scientist/technology, himself Honorable T.Q. Harris Jr., has shown that he has these leadership traits that are lacking in so many self proclaimed high profile politicians in Liberia.

I am a friend of T.Q. Harris For President because Honorable T.Q. Harris Jr. has shown to me over the time I have known him a new direction and with his tireless life time engagement in advocating the well being of Liberia. As such, I do not hesitate to ask you all my fellow friends, Liberians, and friends of Liberia to join me in support of Honorable Harris Jr. for the next President of Liberia come 2011.

God bless you all.

Bernard Gbayee Goah

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