Saturday, January 30, 2010

Civil Disobedience Declared

Civil Disobedience Declared

Written by Mulbah K. Morlu, Jr

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Civil Disobedience Declared; Unspecified Mass Actions Scheduled at Public Facilities Until Warlords in Govt. Unconditionally Accept the Verdict of the TRC…

A few days ago, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, during her fifth State of the Union address emblazoned from the plinth of the joint assembly of the National Legislature, committed the unpardonable political peccadillo; blasphemy against the rule of law, the constitution, and democracy.

Amidst the warm cheers and applause of staunch loyalists transported to the venue for the purpose, she defiantly vowed to be a ‘Contestant and formidable force’ in Elections 2011, maliciously disregarding and trampling underfoot recommendations of the TRC, which was passed into law in the same room where the President now stood to tear it apart for the dustbin.

This sacrilegious action of Mrs. Sirleaf as national leader and President is a successful throwback in postwar democratic gains, and robotically establishes disturbing realities that indisputably erase any remaining distinction between the incumbent and her predecessors, whom she help to obviously dethroned on grounds of dictatorship. The heretic town-cry of the President could dangerously undermine stability and national recovery efforts on a number of identifiable fronts:

• It has sadly interrupted the process of nurturing and building genuine postwar democracy solely on the rule of law;

• The pronouncement reveals a grand conspiracy to crush penal actions against blood-shedders by suffocating and suspending activities on the TRC report for at least eight more years, an elastic tenure of the Sirleaf regime to allow criminals to complete their full cycle of thievery and plunder while afloat the wings of impunity.

• The Sirleaf parliamentary provocation unveils the birth of a right-wing dictatorship and totalitarianism in postwar Liberia, where the Head of State, and not the constituents determines which laws are to be obeyed by usually corrupt big shots, while poor civil servants are dismissed for stealing a loaf of bread;

• The Sirleaf defiance if permitted, radicalizes civil conflict and makes violence a tolerable method of political ascendancy, suggesting it as a pattern of the democratic process since punishments( in her context) are not necessary, no matter the extent of the bloodbath;

• The Independent Commission on Human Rights is blatantly compromised and robbed of its prosecutorial and implementation powers, thereby rendering the millions expended on the TRC process, a waste of national and international resources;

• Lastly, unless Mrs. Sirleaf is halted from her desecrating political apostasy, she has opened wide the floodgate for hardened war criminals, buffoons and armed robbers to seek the noblest of offices in Liberia, as made evident by the Prince Johnson teasing presidential aspiration, et cetera.

Additionally, the current horizon being threaded by President Sirleaf is a serious threat to peace and national security and therefore cannot be condoned; that the President prioritizes her presidential interests above the interests of more than 250,000 butchered victims of war, the slain on whose behalf the TRC prudently acted, translates into insensitive mayhem adopted to protect elites’ interests and class sympathies.

Needless to argue the immoral component of her declaration, which embarrassingly deviates from her one-term commitment, the current leadership has transgressed the morals of democracy and placed all warlords in one bracket, against the ordinary Liberian community; victims of rape, violence, massacre, torture and economic deprivation, in the other. This is a critical challenge that must be faced to move the nation away from the senseless violence that choked national growth and decimated human life while the majority of those now in power lived in the safety of oversea homes.

As we meet the challenge, we remain conscious that there have always been two frontlines, two sides of the coin, two sides in war; and it’s always the poor versus the rich, the weak against the strong, and now it’s warmongers against the sons and daughters; brothers and sisters of decimated war victims. With seemingly enormous peril confronting this endeavor, we elect to erect a fortress of resistance against these warlords’ second-term agenda.

In the days ahead, we will ensconce and expand this new nonviolent militancy approach, which we now declared under the banners of unspecified civil disobedience against the insensate political intrigues of Mrs. Sirleaf and her blood-lords. During this time, key government facilities will be targeted with assemblies of nonviolent crusaders who will gather daily to unrelentingly protest the imposition. Placards will be carried depicting anti-warlords’ election messages, while hunger strikes will be simultaneously held before strategic agencies. Hence, as President Sirleaf has defied the verdict of over 3 million Liberians, we, too have chosen to fearlessly defy in a nonviolent way any socio-political regulation or decree intended to protect the pleasure and comfort of public offices. This we shall not cease to do until the full implementation of the TRC recommendation is convincingly and unconditionally begun.

This statement, on behalf of the organization, was signed by:

Mulbah K. Morlu, Jr,

National Chairman

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Everyone is a genius

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. – A Einstein

Drawing the line in Liberia

Crimes sponsored, committed, or masterminded by handful of individuals cannot be blamed upon an entire nationality. In this case, Liberians! The need for post-war justice is a step toward lasting peace, stability and prosperity for Liberia. Liberia needs a war crimes tribunal or some credible legal forum that is capable of dealing with atrocities perpetrated against defenseless men, women and children during the country's brutal war. Without justice, peace shall remain elusive and investment in Liberia will not produce the intended results. - Bernard Gbayee Goah

Men with unhealthy characters should not champion any noble cause

They pretend to advocate the cause of the people when their deeds in the dark mirror nothing else but EVIL!!
When evil and corrupt men try to champion a cause that is so noble … such cause, how noble it may be, becomes meaningless in the eyes of the people - Bernard Gbayee Goah.

If Liberia must move forward ...

If Liberia must move forward in order to claim its place as a civilized nation amongst world community of nations, come 2017 elections, Liberians must critically review the events of the past with honesty and objectivity. They must make a new commitment to seek lasting solutions. The track records of those who are presenting themselves as candidates for the position of "President of the Republic of Liberia" must be well examined. Liberians must be fair to themselves because results from the 2011 elections will determine the future of Liberia’s unborn generations to come - Bernard Gbayee Goah

Liberia's greatest problem!

While it is true that an individual may be held responsible for corruption and mismanagement of funds in government, the lack of proper system to work with may as well impede the process of ethical, managerial, and financial accountability - Bernard Gbayee Goah

What do I think should be done?

The situation in Liberia is Compound Complex and cannot be fixed unless the entire system of government is reinvented.
Liberia needs a workable but uncompromising system that will make the country an asylum free from abuse, and other forms of corruption.
Any attempt to institute the system mentioned above in the absence of rule of law is meaningless, and more detrimental to Liberia as a whole - Bernard Gbayee Goah

Liberia's Natural Resources
Besides land water and few other resources, most of Liberia’s dependable natural resources are not infinite, they are finite and therefore can be depleted.
Liberia’s gold, diamond, and other natural resources will not always be an available source of revenue generation for its people and its government. The need to invent a system in government that focuses on an alternative income generation method cannot be over emphasized at this point - Bernard Gbayee Goah

Liberia needs a proper system
If Liberians refuse to erect a proper system in place that promotes the minimization of corruption and mismanagement of public funds by government institutions, and individuals, there will come a time when the value of the entire country will be seen as a large valueless land suited on the west coast of Africa with some polluted bodies of waters and nothing else. To have no system in place in any country is to have no respect for rule of law. To have no respect for rule of law is to believe in lawlessness. And where there is lawlessness, there is always corruption - Bernard Gbayee Goah

Solving problems in the absence of war talks

As political instability continues to increase in Africa, it has become abundantly clear that military intervention as a primary remedy to peace is not a durable solution. Such intervention only increases insecurity and massive economic hardship. An existing example which could be a valuable lesson for Liberia is Great Britain, and the US war on terror for the purpose of global security. The use of arms whether in peace keeping, occupation, or invasion as a primary means of solving problem has yield only little results. Military intervention by any country as the only solution to problem solving will result into massive military spending, economic hardship, more fear, and animosity as well as increase insecurity. The alternative is learning how to solve problems in the absence of war talks. The objective of such alternative must be to provide real sustainable human security which cannot be achieved through military arm intervention, or aggression. In order to achieve results that will make the peaceful coexistence of all mankind possible, there must be a common ground for the stories of all sides to be heard. I believe there are always three sides to every story: Their side of the story, Our side of the story, and The truthBernard Gbayee Goah


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