Saturday, January 30, 2010

White House Aide Confirms Morlu-Obama’s meeting

White House Aide Confirms Morlu-Obama’s meeting
Written by Thomas Kai Toteh


Saturday, 30 January 2010
Rights Advocate, “a victim of political dirty tricks-not a liar” White House Aide Confirms Morlu-Obama’s meeting

National Chairman of the Forum for the Establishment of a War Crimes Court in Liberia, Mulbah K. Morlu, Jr., whose six minutes meeting with US president in Ghana in 2009 was denied and castigated, is said to have actually met with President Barack Obama, White House aide has said in an email message responding to inquiry.

Following a series of inquires with US State Department on the claim and counter claim about President Barack Obama and Liberia’s Rights advocate’s six-minute meeting in Ghana last year, the State Department, in an email communication, referred the inquiries to the White House directly without a signature affixed.

When contacted several times, the White House remained tight-lipped, but persistence paid off when White House aide who happened to be on the trip with President Barack Obama to Ghana last year expressed shock and sympathy for the rights advocate, saying, “This young man did not lie but is a victim of political dirty tricks.”

The aide who asked for anonymity with no signature affixed to the email response owing to lack of authority to speak to the press on the issue, said, “I was shocked after I read in Liberian news that this young man lied about his meeting with President Obama, knowing fully well he actually did.”

According to the aide, Mulbah K. Morlu was seen in a brief discussion with the US president, although the nature of their discussion was not know until the news broke out.

The aide concluded by saying that, “I hope this information would help.”

US Double Standard in Liberia

Reacting to the news in an exclusive interview, Mulbah Morlu, made some revelations-adding to the political dirty tricks theory offered by an anonymous White House aide. Morlu said in 1990 after Doe’s capture, Prince Johnson was communicating “Tango-tango, Sun-shine, Sun-shine...” “You know who he was talking to.” “Was it admitted to?” He asked, “Who aided LURD and supplied weapons and airlifted rebels to the Freeport?” “Was it admitted to?” Morlu wonders who shot at Isaac Nyenpleu from a chopper at the back of the Mansion in 1990 when Samuel Doe was barricaded? “Was it admitted to,” he asked.


“We didn’t need to meet any world leader to be relevant, said the rights advocate, unlike the likes of Sirleaf who has been largely destructive, outside the lenses of the International community until now.” He said, “Our relevance is well reflected in our nationalistic and patriotic stance for justice in Liberia.”

The rights advocate said Ellen people blew up out of proportion about his meeting with President Obama for their selfish political and diplomatic agenda, and are fully cognizant of the fact that the meeting did take place. He said Ellen will always attempt to discredit the facts for two reasons: one, she has never had the opportunity, though it has been so heavily craved, two; she thinks admission to the facts will elevate our relevance.

He said More so, truth crushed to the ground shall rise again; so the Ellen people can do nothing about indisputable historical occurrences. “I’ve never for once been embarrassed by the senseless propaganda of these warlord-power carriers, to the paradox I’ve always known that we are fighting an established trend of evil as bequeathed on the Sirleaf legacy.”

He said when fighting power brokers who bear the keys of state financial vaults without accountability, “you know the extent to which they will expand their face-saving propaganda.”

Asked about the mixed reactions among Liberians at home and broad about his meeting with President Obama, especially when the US Embassy and Liberian government categorically denied it and if he was confident at this point, the rights advocate, said

the fact that you, an independent journalist have contacted me to break news about an Obama aide confirmation of our meeting negates that question.

He asked for the publishing of a copy of the alleged US Embassy denial statement that is used to conclude the Embassy disclaimed my meeting. “Anyway, I cannot dignify a purported statement that was photocopied in the tens of thousands and circulated by the Ellen people all over Monrovia but did not bear the signature of an Embassy official,” Morlu said.

He said, interestingly, the Ellen people were very successful in the en mass distribution of that unsigned propaganda leaflet on the internet and elsewhere. “But, hey Sirleaf herself organized a show on fifty-fifty (through T-Max Jlateh) and never had me informed that three paid stooges would be on air with me till I was cut-off on Sky TV and told I had to be on the radio show.”

He said after the show, the crowd that gathered at the station testified of the failed nature of their propaganda. He said his opponents were chased out of the studio premises by a huge angry crowd, while he was carried shoulder-high. Sky TV recorded the scene, and should have the video.

Asked whether he anticipates any reactions from his critics and detractors about the new development, he replied, “I don’t react to critics; it’s a waste of time and energy.” He said Jesus is the Messiah, you know that. But has that stopped critics from foolishly rubbishing his immaculate conception?”

He said some even claimed he didn’t die, but escaped the Cross. “But we all know he’s the Savior of the world. How about atheists? They say there is no God! But is it so?” He said of course the miraculous creations of Jehovah speak loudly of a supernatural deity. So, critics will criticize, that’s their job...and “we cannot be distracted by that.”

He said that there is too much to achieve here than waste time on group of killers and rogues who are on the threshold of going to jail.

“One thing is sure, even though I’ve been arrested seven times and jailed by this regime, adding, there is no record anywhere that I have ever committed a crime. I challenge anyone anywhere to prove a criminal record, or take me to court for the least crime.”

He said he has been to jail seven times; none was for criminal reasons, but a politically motivated arrests without justification. He said they will only gossip and speculate because there is no dirt on me, adding., “All the talk about my activities in Ghana is nonsense.”

He said there, “I fed the poor, clothed the naked, and distributed bibles to Christians; bought wheel chair for the disable while Sirleaf and the likes sought new ways of killing for power.”

“I imparted knowledge and held church conferences. This is my legacy in Ghana. No police record, no court record, no 419 record.” He said Ellen people were used to speculating that “I couldn’t return to Ghana because I was wanted; well, when I went there twice publicly in 2009, they went quiet.”

“ My presence on the refugee camp was like the return of Caesar, where is the crime record,” he asked. “ I think it is in the minds of the Ellen people, propagandists for the CON QUEEN.”

Morlu said his claim was never rejected. He said the government is not the appropriate body to determine whether he met a leader or not. “Embassy rejection?”

“Where is the statement? Did you read any issued statement signed by an official?” He asked. “Now, even if it was rejected (hypothetical), did that mean it didn’t take place?”

“So you see, even if it was denied that I met the world leader, that would have been reasonable in view of the diplomatic protests of the Sirleaf people who have never had the opportunity.” He said whatever the case, he is not interested in recognition of meeting a world leader.

“I am selfless, and my interest lies in results. And you can see that Obama will not talk to a blood stained female dictator. They can go on talking the politics while Sirleaf go down on the list of dictators before her.”

Addressing the political dirty tricks, Morlu, said, “Well, President Obama continues to disprove that logic. He’s clean and an agent of change. On the other hand, Sirleaf proves this aphorism through her recent declaration to thrash the TRC report and seek reelection, paving the way for warlords to escape prosecution. “This is a joke.”

He said Sirleaf and her warlord friends will soon come to know that we are prepared to go to any length to prevent their defiance dictatorship. He said they want to drag us all back into war so they can have reasons to enjoy their stolen wealth and postpone their prosecution until they die; “This will not happen.”

He vows, “We will ensure the thirty-year ban and prosecution takes effect. Liberia cannot go to elections without the TRC impartial implementation.” He said, we have a way of seeing

to that, and we’ll do it, “trust me.”

He said Sirleaf and her deviant blood suckers will retire outside public office, and if they die before the thirty-year ban lapses, we will pass laws to have their graves chained so that generations unborn will learn the act of war no more!

Morlu said the meeting took place and no amount of propaganda would erase facts. “Right now, our focus is to declare civil disobedience against the warlords’ quest to seek state power amidst the TRC ban.”

“We will light so much fire under the feet of these apostles of lawlessness until they will have no means of standing in peace till the right thing is done.”

He said Sirleaf and all warlords will not partake in 2011 elections. “Trust me, we have a new approach, and Ellen will break and follow the law. This will be more comfortable than the political whirl wind coming.”

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