Friday, March 11, 2011

We Support T. Q. Harris for the Liberian Presidency

Fellow Liberians and Friends of Liberia:

Liberia is mired in a plethora of problems resulting from 14 years of self-demolition, devastation, and the senseless destruction of lives. Corruption is endemic, thus inhibiting progress in every segment of the society. Also, the alarming illiteracy rate, unimaginable poverty, sky rocketing inflation and unsustainable unemployment, coupled with deteriorating economic conditions and poor social services have made it impossible to determine who is ethical and who not.

However, this cannot be denied: Liberia is at a standstill awaiting a true nationalistic leader. I believe we have found him!

The country lacks Rule of Law and the justice system is in shambles. It is commonplace for persons who have committed serious crimes, such as rape, torture, murder and other crimes against humanity, to move about freely in Liberia, even holding high offices in government without fear or concern. The people are powerless. Injustice in Liberia is reported regularly not only in Liberian media but in the international media as well, however, nothing is done.

Power, cupidity for personal wealth; lack of accountability; difficulty in bringing perpetrators of violent crimes to justice; impunity; and exemption from penalty and or legal sanction has categorized Liberia as one of the most volatile nations today.

The obligation or willingness to accept responsibility, or account for one's actions in the public sector is nonexistent; thus giving rise to the spread of immense unstoppable embezzlement even in the private sector, households, religious settings and among individuals across the population.

Liberians both at home and abroad continue to sacrifice so that the future of their children will be better and the country will regain its respect. But the more sacrifice they make, the more tears flow due to the behavior of a few who are bent on driving Liberia to the abyss. These are the people who either financed the killing of more than 250,000 defenseless men, women and children, including a number of our guests, or were themselves directly involved in the taking of human lives. Living under the dark cloud of guilt and suspicion, they have vehemently rejected the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) recommendations, even though it is the best remedy for sustainable peace. Sadly, they are in positions of power.

After reviewing all the evidence, the Truth Commission felt it necessary to recommend that Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf be banned from public office for no less than 30 years. This is a clear indication of the extent of her involvement in the carnage. President Johnson-Sirleaf’s incredulity in the face of mounting evidence is incomprehensible.

Friends, when I see Ghanaians, Nigerians and other Africans who once admired Liberia and would have given an arm just to visit saying awful things about us; I can’t help but weep and ask God, what have we done to deserve the insults and humiliation? Why Liberia, Lord? The more I ponder the issues, the more it becomes clear that the answer is right under our feet…that Liberians themselves must lead the way…that the good people outnumber the bad people…and then I realize there are others like myself also seeking solution because we love our country.

Frankly, we are tired of corruption, unfulfilled promises and failed leadership. That’s why we support Mr. T. Q. Harris, Jr. to become the next President of Liberia. He will provide the right leadership and ensure there is zero tolerance for corruption. And he will create opportunities for Liberians to lift themselves out of poverty and promote strong governance as well as rule of law.

Mr. Harris has demonstrated the kind of leadership that is desperately needed to inspire CHANGE and cause Liberians to embrace the virtues of hard work, honesty, personal accountability, communal pride and patriotism. Those of us who have worked with him are inspired by his exemplary leadership, as well as his continuous advocacy for reengineering the entire unproductive governmental structure that is producing contra positive results for the Liberian people.

Oftentimes, we are amazed by the kindness of this gentleman who showed great compassion for his fellow Liberians during their toughest moments having been displaced by the war. Without partiality he assisted Liberians financially at home and in the diaspora. Speaking during a teleconference, Sekou - a Liberian who lived as a refugee in Guinea - testified as to how Mr. Harris personally provided assistance for Liberian refugees in Guinea when they were kicked out of their homes and when faced with other difficulties. Similar stories are told wherever the name T. Q. Harris is mentioned.

For his integrity, astute leadership, communal spirit, illustrious reputation, character and genuine love for his people, Mr. Harris has been petitioned by Liberians in the country and in the United States to run as a presidential candidate in the 2011 election. The leadership vacuum that has plagued Liberia will be resolved when T. Q. Harris Jr. is inaugurated as the President in 2012.

Some pessimists and detractors might attempt to question the audacity of this technologist, scientist and businessman governing Liberia. They might even argue he has not worked in government. But what they cannot say is that T. Q. Harris, Jr. is corrupt, infected with the destructive practices that have been part of the Liberian political landscape for the past decades. And what they may not know is the extraordinary success he has had in advanced and competitive societies such as the United States.

TQ - as he is affectionately called - does not have a long political resume. But a lengthy resume is valueless if the individual cannot deliver the expected results, as we have witnessed on many occasions. This much is factual: TQ has fearlessly been around Liberian politics for more than 20 years, and he fully understands the culture and nuances. Back in 1997 when the entire country was under the control of warlords and politicians were stricken with fear, TQ went in and spoke the truth. Even Lucifer himself could not touch this God-fearing man. So the warlords proceeded to bribe the officials to prevent TQ from taking part in the election as an independent candidate.

So that you fully understand who TQ is and what he stands for, log into his campaign website: He is the answer to Liberia’s current leadership vacuum. I have listened to many sweet tongues and seen many of the veteran politicians assume office only to betray the trust of the Liberian people. They all have failed miserably. Therefore it is time for an inspiring and exciting new leader who has no connection to Liberia’s corrupted past!

I would like to conclude by saying; Liberia needs T. Q. Harris - a leader who has sound ethical judgment. He does not have any previous experience with corruption in Liberia and is not connected in any way with the 14-year carnage. He is the person best able to heal Liberia and transform it into a productive post-modern nation. TQ genuinely loves his country and the Liberian people.

Personally I am a friend of TQ Harris because this son of the soil has impressed me with his tireless advocacy for justice and improvement in the living standards of Liberians without exception. As such, we do not hesitate to ask every Liberian and friends of Liberia to give Mr. T. Q. Harris, Jr. your support so that he may become the next President of Liberia.

Thank you for your time.

Bernard Gbayee Goah
Portland Oregon, USA

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Solving problems in the absence of war talks

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