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The Age of Lawlessness in Liberia : But The Lone Star Will Rise Again Soon!

Joe “Shakespeare” Gbaba, Sr., Ed. D.
By Joe “Shakespeare” Gbaba, Sr., Ed. D.
Introduction: “Our Silly Decision Past Mark”!

Ladies and gentlemen: greetings!

Welcome to another uplifting read about the age of lawlessness in Liberia through the Dehkontee Artists Theatre, Inc.’s post-war literature series entitled: “Terrorism Legalized in Liberia .” This series is intended to educate Liberians and members of the international community about the need to galvanize civic support and action in order to bring the age of lawlessness to an immediate halt in Liberia . Of course, this patriotic goal can only be achieved if those who committed atrocities against the Liberian people and humanity in Liberia are charged and prosecuted for their wicked deeds they performed before and not after elections are held in November of this year!

Why we are being forced to hold elections in the midst of uncertainty is best known to Liberian warlords and international peace negotiators; for, even the blind supporters of the Old Ma and other Liberian warlords do not know a jig thing about the motive behind this “hurry, hurry burst trousers” presidential and general elections that are expected to be held in November 2011. Hence, while it is true that Liberians over the ages have made some dumb decisions, but this one Freetown man say: “It past mark!”

Liberians Must be Proactive by Containing Liberian Warlords before Elections in November 2011

The reason why I say Liberian warlords must be contained before elections in November 2011 is because some Liberian warlords have begun to ransack the treasury of Liberia in preparation for the big battle—the elections. They have also begun to ‘cut jobos’ or deals to send our children across the border to engage in terrorist activities in order to jump start another human carnage and mayhem in La Cote D’Ivoire, with hopes to stir up renewed hostilities within Liberia’s Northeastern border region. Already, there is a large influx of refugees crossing into Liberian territory and most of the refugees have ethnic affiliations with local Liberian ethnic groups. They share socio-cultural and linguistic characteristics and they speak the same Native African languages as do their Liberian brothers and sisters. As a result, there will be no easy way to distinguish legitimate Liberian voters from Ivoirian voters if we hold elections in this chaos that is gradually unfolding before our eyes.

Also, with Liberian warlords still having access to our national treasury, how sure are we that they will not ransack our meager financial and material resources to purchase weapons of mass destruction in order to send their fighters back into the bushes if they are not declared winners of the November 2011 presidential and general elections by the Elections Commission? Maybe if we are sensible enough, we could use the present Ivoirian post-elections fracas as a litmus test to proactively prevent another human carnage and mayhem in Liberia . Further, what example are we setting for the whole world and future generations of Liberians if our Elections Commission does not screen candidates by doing background criminal checks before qualifying candidates to contest for the highest seat in the land? Is this not the epitome of lawlessness by giving Liberian war criminals the green light to contest for the highest seat of the land as though it were ever to be sold on “banjo!” Damn it, man! What’s up with that, my people!

Liberians Must Take the Initiative to Be Forerunners of Their Own Destiny

For the various reasons explained above, I strongly feel Liberians must at this juncture of our peace process take the initiative to be forerunners of their own destiny. In this light, all those blind Liberian politicians who are so bent on their selfish agendas that they see not the imminent dangers that lie ahead of us if Liberian warlords are not barred from contesting presidential and general elections in November, should unite with one forceful voice and request the international community to provide the resources to try Liberian warlords and perpetrators of heinous crimes against Liberians and humanity in order to put to an end the age of lawlessness in Liberia.

Consequently, while we appreciate the help we are receiving from the international community in order to have some semblance of fragile peace in Liberia, we as citizens of Liberia cannot continue to fold our hands and entirely entrust the security of Liberia to foreign troops or international ‘peace’ negotiators who have their own hidden agendas, i.e., to prolong the war and enrich themselves. Against this backdrop, we cannot continue to bicker among ourselves by disregarding the Constitution of our land as if our forebears did not lay a solid legal foundation for us. Neither should we embrace rebelliousness as the rule of law in Liberia and therefore leave ourselves defenseless. Instead, we should use this time at our disposal and with international support restore the rule of law to Liberia by stepping down on the age of lawlessness in Liberia so that the Lone Star may shine forever!

Woe to Supporters of Liberian Rebel Warlords; for There Is No Place for Rebel Activities in Post-War Liberia but Rule of Law!

Thus, even though some of Madam’s staunch supporters might think that this program is unfit to share with their so-called ‘loved ones’ who have been infested with lawlessness by their own Old Mas and Old Pas, I along with those of you who believe in truth and justice strongly believe that a non-violent way to pursue justice and fair play in our society through literature is the way to go. Therefore, I take my hat off to you my avid readers and supporters for your great vision for Liberia and for the good of all Natives of Liberia. In view of the foregoing, Liberian Natives who consider this program as a taunt to their dream of perpetually keeping Liberians under duress and in a continued state of lawlessness, should stand in readiness to be taunted more and more until final victory is won for the true Native sons and daughters of Liberia . For, it ain’t no stopping us now! We are marching forward in the Lord’s army and there will be no retreat and no surrender until Liberian war criminals are brought to justice under Liberian and international humanitarian and human rights laws!

Against this backdrop, please forgive me if I do not dignify the woeful ploy of our detractors and advocates of darkness for I come from the prestigious walls of “Lux in Tenebris”, from Liberia College, the University of Liberia at Capitol Hill, where I was instructed to shed light where there is darkness as in the age of lawlessness in Liberia today. In this blessed light, I am going about my Father’s business and I have not the time to heed the rage of supporters of barbarism in Liberia . For, we as Liberians, along with Ethiopians and Haitians, have a blessed heritage to upkeep because we were first among the Black Race to receive the light of justice and modern civilization. Therefore, it is indeed degrading for us Liberians to choose to be “dokos” among the Black Race today when the Lord has lifted us on high pedastals; and, this is not a thought that I will ever in my right frame of mind countenance or promote as Liberia’s “Shakespeare” because when I received my calling on Mount Nimba thiry-seven years ago, God said to me:

Joseph, go forth to share my light with the Natives of Liberia and all civilized peoples of the universe; and make no mistake to succumb to the whims and caprices of the wicked, the supporters of darkness, for Liberia shall forever remain the Lone Star of Africa no matter how many supporters Liberian rebel warlords may have among the Liberian citizenry.

And, at the end of his instruction to me, the good Lord gave me a golden pen and said:

Joseph, take ye this golden pen and be the honorable scribe of your people for you will need the glow of this golden pen when rebels cast darkness upon the people whom I have chosen as my elect for the pen is mightier than the sword. The status quo may send agents from NSA to haunt you and they may do all manner of things to entrap you; but be ye strong for I will be your Rock, your very present help in time of trouble!

Suddenly, I awoke from my slumber and behold, Younsuah, the omniscient—the all knowing God—inspired me to write my first play entitled “Kekula”, whose theme is National Integration among the people of Liberia . Thus, who can discredit what the good Lord has ordained—no one—I say emphatically—no one—for what the Lord has enjoined no man can put asunder; and, if God be for us, who can be against us! For, any rebel who dares stand against God’s elect shall be crushed to the ground because justice delayed is not justice denied. And, we challenge the Liberian Government to produce a great Liberian talent endowed with the gifts of speech and writing to outmatch our efforts for the past thirty-seven unbroken years!

Therefore, ye subjects of Liberian warlords, hearken unto these sacred words for they are not of my own making but the Lord’s; and those sons and daughters of Cain who dare raise weapons of mass destruction against the “Abels” of Liberia will definitely be brought to justice for the word “Liberia” means “Land of the Free.” Hence, in no wise was it meant to be “ Land of Lawlessness !” Therefore, Get off our faces you rebels, you sons and daughters of Cain, for the day cometh soon when the sons and daughters of “Abel” will rise to take control of their Native Land—Liberia! And joyously, true Native Liberians who love their beloved fatherland and Native Land shall sing in one triumphant chorus The Lone Star Forever, that heroic poem written by President Arthur Barclay:

When freedom raised her glowing form on Montserrado's verdant height,
She set within the doom of night, midst low’ ring stars and thunderstorms, the star of liberty,
and seizing from the waking morn, its burnished shield of golden flame, she lifted in her proud name,
and roused a people long forlorn to nobler destiny!


The Lone Star forever! The Lone Star forever! O long may it float over land and over sea.
Desert it, no never! Uphold it, forever! O shout for the Lone Star banner, All hail.

Then speeding in her course along the broad Atlantic ’s golden strand,
she woke reverb’ rant through the land, a nations loud triumphant song – the song of liberty!
And o’er Liberia ’s altar fires, she wide the Lone-starred flag unfurled ,
Proclaimed to an expectant world the birth for Africa ’s sons and sires the birth of liberty!

Then forward sons of freedom march, defend the sacred heritage! The nation’s call from age to age;
where’er it sounds ‘neath heaven’s arch, Wherever foes assail
Be ever ready to obey ‘gainst treason and rebellious front, ‘gainst foul aggression in the brunt
of battle lay the heroes way! All Hall Lone Star! All Hail!

Thus, fellow Liberians and sympathizers of Liberia, I enjoin you to take special note of the third stanza of The Lone Star Forever poem; for, it spells out every word and thought that I have herein expressed and those words challenge each patriotic Native Liberian to see beyond the rebel warlord to whom they have confided their trust and to embrace the interest of the bigger picture—Liberia—for that is what all Liberians have in common—Liberia! Therefore, though we live in the age of lawlessness today; but tomorrow the Lone Star will rise again soon!

I wish all of you a Blessed and thought-provoking New Year!

Joe “Shakespeare” Gbaba, Sr., Ed. D.

January 5, 2011

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Inside Liberia with Bernard Gbayee Goah

Everyone is a genius

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. – A Einstein

Drawing the line in Liberia

Crimes sponsored, committed, or masterminded by handful of individuals cannot be blamed upon an entire nationality. In this case, Liberians! The need for post-war justice is a step toward lasting peace, stability and prosperity for Liberia. Liberia needs a war crimes tribunal or some credible legal forum that is capable of dealing with atrocities perpetrated against defenseless men, women and children during the country's brutal war. Without justice, peace shall remain elusive and investment in Liberia will not produce the intended results. - Bernard Gbayee Goah

Men with unhealthy characters should not champion any noble cause

They pretend to advocate the cause of the people when their deeds in the dark mirror nothing else but EVIL!!
When evil and corrupt men try to champion a cause that is so noble … such cause, how noble it may be, becomes meaningless in the eyes of the people - Bernard Gbayee Goah.

If Liberia must move forward ...

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Liberia's greatest problem!

While it is true that an individual may be held responsible for corruption and mismanagement of funds in government, the lack of proper system to work with may as well impede the process of ethical, managerial, and financial accountability - Bernard Gbayee Goah

What do I think should be done?

The situation in Liberia is Compound Complex and cannot be fixed unless the entire system of government is reinvented.
Liberia needs a workable but uncompromising system that will make the country an asylum free from abuse, and other forms of corruption.
Any attempt to institute the system mentioned above in the absence of rule of law is meaningless, and more detrimental to Liberia as a whole - Bernard Gbayee Goah

Liberia's Natural Resources
Besides land water and few other resources, most of Liberia’s dependable natural resources are not infinite, they are finite and therefore can be depleted.
Liberia’s gold, diamond, and other natural resources will not always be an available source of revenue generation for its people and its government. The need to invent a system in government that focuses on an alternative income generation method cannot be over emphasized at this point - Bernard Gbayee Goah

Liberia needs a proper system
If Liberians refuse to erect a proper system in place that promotes the minimization of corruption and mismanagement of public funds by government institutions, and individuals, there will come a time when the value of the entire country will be seen as a large valueless land suited on the west coast of Africa with some polluted bodies of waters and nothing else. To have no system in place in any country is to have no respect for rule of law. To have no respect for rule of law is to believe in lawlessness. And where there is lawlessness, there is always corruption - Bernard Gbayee Goah

Solving problems in the absence of war talks

As political instability continues to increase in Africa, it has become abundantly clear that military intervention as a primary remedy to peace is not a durable solution. Such intervention only increases insecurity and massive economic hardship. An existing example which could be a valuable lesson for Liberia is Great Britain, and the US war on terror for the purpose of global security. The use of arms whether in peace keeping, occupation, or invasion as a primary means of solving problem has yield only little results. Military intervention by any country as the only solution to problem solving will result into massive military spending, economic hardship, more fear, and animosity as well as increase insecurity. The alternative is learning how to solve problems in the absence of war talks. The objective of such alternative must be to provide real sustainable human security which cannot be achieved through military arm intervention, or aggression. In order to achieve results that will make the peaceful coexistence of all mankind possible, there must be a common ground for the stories of all sides to be heard. I believe there are always three sides to every story: Their side of the story, Our side of the story, and The truthBernard Gbayee Goah


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