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Introduction 1.0

Geography, Population, History , Culture, Resources (human and material) as well as current global trends are factors taken into account in formulating TQ Harris Vision for Liberia. While its population and physical size may not be conducive for certain pursuits; Liberia’s history, geography, population and vast resources are tremendous assets for specific concentrations, which is extremely helpful when formulating a national agenda.

TQ Harris envisages a New Liberia that is strongest particularly in two promising areas: 1. International Finance; and 2. Green Technology. Liberia has the potential of becoming a major Financial Center and also an active Laboratory for Green Technologies. This vision, obviously, is a projection looking 20 to 30 years into the future. However, when elected President; TQ Harris on day one shall steer the nation toward making this dream a reality.

His Vision is based on the belief that Africa is the last frontier for major wealth creation in the 21st Century, primarily due to an abundance of natural resources and its dismal state of development. Therefore, it is safe to assume Trillions of Dollars will flow in, out and across Africa in the not too distant future. Managing these assets will for the most part be done here on the Continent.

Investment in infrastructure and human development across Africa within the next 20 to 25 years is likely to reach an unprecedented level. Spending across the board in a single month might cause the crash of a supercomputer if not cooled properly. That means the volume of financial activities necessary to sustain what is likely to be a sudden, astronomical economic volcano will invariably create opportunities for those that are equipped and ready to meet the demand. We intend to position Liberia such that it becomes the prime location for managing and overseeing the massive volume of capital which no doubt will forever change the face of Africa. To this end, we shall begin building the infrastructure and developing the human resources that will make Liberia the preferred location for major financial institutions - Banks, Insurance companies, Investment companies, Holdings companies, etc.. The journey to become a major International Financial Center begins in 2011!

The second leg of TQ Harris Vision is another transformation for Liberia. This involves making the country an active laboratory for Green technologies. Since the entire country has to be rebuilt; why not start by laying an environmentally friendly foundation? The vision is based upon the premise that renewable energy shall play a vital role in shaping the future. The goal, therefore, shall be to make Liberia a functional environmentally friendly model that others could emulate. To this end, the New Liberia shall be designed and built around energy conservation and environmental preservation. We shall take steps immediately to protect the awesome rain forest – a national treasure that is still intact – so it may contribute to human advancement and enjoyed by future generations. Meanwhile, environmental consciousness shall become a way of life for Liberians. With proper planning Liberia in the not too distant future shall host major research projects and may even become a prime destination for tourists.

Lastly, Meritocracy shall be the standard for advancement in the New Liberia. Also, the rights of the individual, including freedom of worship shall be protected under the law.


2.1 Security
2.2 Corruption In Government
2.3 Special Court
2.4 Legal System (Phase I)
2.5 War Victims
2.6 Healing and Reconciliation                                             

5.1 Government Overhaul
5.2 Political Sub-division
5.3 The Constitution
5.4 National Symbols
5.5 New Political Capital

3.1 Food Production
3.2 National Health Care (Phase I)
3.3 Education                                                               

6.1 National Electrical Grid
6.2 Road Construction
6.3 Water and Sewer System (Phase I)
6.4 Air and Sea Ports (Phase I)

4.1 Job Creation
4.2 Public Transportation
4.3 Liberians In The Diaspora
4.4 Financing The Vision


TQ Harris Short term (1 – 5 years) Plan for building the New Liberia

2.1 SECURITY: As President, my first act shall be an all-out attack against criminal elements to restore Law and Order. We shall mobilize the entire national security apparatus in a sustained effort to make the country safe. Due to the severity of this issue the general population also shall be pressed into action. Because there simply can be no progress in this nation if we do not have control of our communities.

As part of the restoration efforts, we shall strengthen the Police and Immigration by first evaluating the leadership and establishing guidelines as well as a code of conduct. It shall be made abundantly clear that law enforcement officers will be held at a higher standard than the ordinary citizen. Also, we shall address issues of integrity, credibility and self-respect, and impressed upon the officers the importance of maintaining a good character.

We shall invest heavily in law enforcement because it is the first line of defense and also critical to achieving TQ Harris vision for Liberia. Officers shall be well-compensated and held in high esteem.

The Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) shall be increased to a strength level of 7000 troops within 4 years. Also, we shall upgrade and enhance operational effectiveness of the Coast Guard as well as all other security agencies in order to combat terrorism, interdict narcotics, contrabands and be equipped to deal with all threats against the State.

2.2. CORRUPTION IN GOVERNMENT: Addressing corruption in government shall begin by first strengthening the nation’s moral foundation. Religious institutions shall be called upon to contribute to these efforts. This along with effective law enforcement shall form the basis of our approach to aggressively attack corruption. At the very beginning an Executive order shall be issued stating that anyone SUSPECTED of engaging in corruption will have their entire assets frozen immediately pending an investigation. And if one is found guilty, ALL assets shall be confiscated and sold at a public auction or by whatever method deemed appropriate. Or, these assets could be used to support community projects.

The following briefly describes application of this Executive order: A minister leaves his home in the morning and goes to the office. During the course of the day a special investigation committee determines that there is sufficient evidence to investigate him for corruption. He is then notified. At that very moment an order is given to freeze ALL the minister’s assets. Immediately, his family is escorted from the home and not permitted to take anything other than the clothes they are wearing. The property is sealed; vehicle(s) impounded; bank and other accounts frozen; all other assets are immediately brought under government control. Whether guilty or not, the minister cannot access his properties until the investigation is complete. The corruption investigation, however, shall be swift, thorough and well within the confines of the law. The same shall apply to every other government employee regardless of position.

It also shall be ordered that no government employee is allowed to accept any form of gratuity (cold water). Any violation of the order will affect both the giver and the receiver. If these measures do not contain the monster called Corruption, then we shall introduce plan B - an even more aggressive approach. All in all, corruption within a relatively short space of time will be a non-issue in Liberia.

2.3 SPECIAL COURT: Murder, torture, rape, genocide and other high crimes whether committed during war or in peace time are offenses punishable not only under domestic laws, but also international law. These also are violations under the Geneva Convention. Therefore prosecuting crimes of this nature does not require cooperation of the victims. In protecting the larger population, the State has the right to act. To this end, a special court shall be created with support of the international community for the purpose of persecuting persons bearing the greatest responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Liberia between December 1989 and June 2003. Peace can never be restored and prosperity shall remain elusive unless justice is served. Those who died must be properly acknowledged and grieving relatives adequately consoled. Moreover, prosecution is a necessary deterrent.

2.4 THE LEGAL SYSTEM (PHASE I): Twenty plus years of sustained violence and lawlessness has left the Liberian justice system in tatters. To correct the problem funds shall be allocated to bring the courts up to acceptable standards and create a pool of competent legal professionals. However, in the short term, we shall seek the assistance of international organizations and friendly governments for the purpose of providing lawyers and judges on a temporary basis to assist with the workload. We also shall forge relationships with law schools where senior students shall be given the opportunity to work in the Liberian court system while earning credits toward graduation.

In addition to lawyers, judges, paralegals, clerks and legal secretaries, the justice system also relies upon the work of highly trained professional investigators. This also shall be addressed through local training as well as assistance from foreign entities. We might consider outsourcing some of these services to Liberians as a way of encouraging entrepreneurship and building the middle class. Meanwhile, we shall seek the services of advanced students from select criminal justice institutions.

The national pool of magistrates shall be expanded. Those receiving additional specialized training shall be permitted to handle more complex cases and hold court in various locations throughout the country.

Rule of Law is a central pillar of the New Liberia, buttressing the Vision of an International Financial Center; as such, the Legal System must be sound, efficient, functional and respectable. This is a high priority issue!

2.5 WAR VICTIMS: Apart from being an awful blemish on the national conscience, victims of the war, particularly ex-combatants - children who were given guns and drugs then sent out to kill their parents and other children - now pose a serious security threat. They are prime candidates for committing crimes and other nefarious acts. The imperative to address this issue cannot be overstated.

Traumatized, uneducated, unskilled and unemployed; the tens of thousands of young men and women who fought the war shall be rehabilitated, as well as the countless civilians that were victimized.

We shall address this pressing issue by creating a special task force within the Ministry of Health that will work exclusively with these individuals, identifying their specific needs and securing assistance wherever available. The UN shall be called upon to assist. Technical resources shall be provided to deal with the educational and emotional needs of these individuals so they may be fully integrated into society within the shortest time possible.

2.6 HEALING & RECONCILIATION: The brutal 15-year war which pitted brother against brother and exposed the darkest side of humanity has left deep scars that will not go away soon without special attention. And unless the scars are properly treated there can be no meaningful progress for this nation. Hatred, mistrust, suspicion and anger lie deep in the hearts of victims, due to a loss that is difficult to accept, yet painful to leave behind. Therefore, we shall do everything humanly possible to get Liberians living, working and playing together again. To achieve this, we shall seek the assistance of experts and employ every available conflict resolution technique for best results. Liberia shall again be made whole!!!

The Truth Commission’s report is one of the resources we shall use in shaping the New Liberia, particularly as it relates to embedding the Rule of Law into the national fabric. We shall revisit some aspects of the report with the assistance of experts; however, a number of the recommendations shall be implemented without delay. The Report in general is useful in avoiding pitfalls we are likely to encounter in building the new Liberia, so it must be studied carefully. The document over all is an invaluable resource which we intend to use extensively in planning and strategizing for the future. Every effort to end the era of war and unify the nation shall be exhausted. «GreetingLine»


TQ Harris Short term (1 – 5 years) Plan for building the New Liberia

3.1 FOOD PRODUCTION: Food production shall be given a high priority. We shall ensure that Liberians have an adequate supply of food and can afford at least 3 meals a day. To accomplish this we shall begin at the individual level and proceed all the way up to the corporate level. We shall vigorously promote small scale farming, including the family garden. Schools shall be encouraged to integrate gardening into their curriculum, so students can learn basic horticultural techniques and the importance of knowing the food they consume. Also farmers across the nation shall be encouraged to organize so they may take advantage of new technologies, employ more efficient farming techniques and also share resources. Incentives shall be provided so farmers can increase yields and receive greater return on their investment. At the top end, we shall provide tax credits and other incentives for companies engaged in large scale mechanized farming.

We also shall introduce an emergency food assistance program as a means of assisting the indigent and the elderly.

Our goal shall be to eliminate hunger and stabilize the nation’s food supply within 5 years.

3.2 NATIONAL HEALTH CARE (PHASE I): A nation of unhealthy citizens is an unproductive nation. To ensure a healthy population we shall rebuild the National Health Care system from the ground up. The new national health agenda shall emphasize healthy lifestyles as well as natural and preventative care. Meanwhile, we shall begin by first ensuring that medicines brought into the country are up to standards, and those attending to patients are properly qualified. As we build capacity, the government shall partner with private health care providers to ensure medical services are provided to anyone who cannot afford to pay. And we shall expand services in the short term by investing in mobile medical units which will deliver care to patients across the country, especially in the rural areas.

To address personnel shortage; in the short term, we shall offer attractive incentives to Liberian Nurses and Doctors living abroad who are willing to work in Liberia for varying periods of time. A plan to bring the nation’s Doctor-to-patient ratio up to an acceptable level shall be implemented immediately. This shall be achieved through schooling as well as appeals to international organizations and friendly governments to support the Doctor on Loan program. Recruiting and hiring Doctors and Nurses shall also be part of the building process.

3.3 EDUCATION: Having established a long-term vision for the nation, the new educational system shall be designed primarily to support the specific industries we have targeted. Meanwhile, as the new educational system is being designed, we shall at the same time derive innovative solutions to deal with issues such as: the current teacher shortage, salary issues, as well as the lack of facilities and material supplies. Payment of salaries, however, has been discussed in the plan for revenue generation. Regarding the other issues, we shall design customized solutions that are applicable to specific circumstances. As an example, wherever possible gifted students shall teach other students in lower grade levels and receive tuition credits. Also, we shall promote home schooling; provide tax breaks for private schools, introduce split classes; under-the-tree schools, as well as find ways to maximize available resources. Extended school hours and year-round schooling are also possibilities. Technology shall be integral to the overall strategy. The Internet as well as an Intranet developed exclusively for the Liberian school system is critical to the overall plan. The plan also includes distance learning, interactive computer training, and use of electronic class rooms. Accelerated teaching methodologies shall be added to accommodate older students.

Teachers shall undergo constant training to upgrade their skills and be expected to meet performance standards. They also shall be well compensated, as education shall be a high priority in the New Liberia.

All in all, education shall be affordable and accessible for all Liberians regardless of location, physical, mental or economic condition. The target shall be to increase literacy by at least 5 percent annually.

The ultimate goal of the Liberian educational system shall be to produce motivated students that have a passion for learning.


TQ Harris Short term (1 – 5 years) Plan for building the New Liberia

4.1 JOBS CREATION: Job creation shall lead the way in jump-starting the economy. To this end, we shall utilize every available resource to create employment opportunities, particularly for the youth population. We shall work directly with the private sector in developing skills training programs and also encourage entrepreneurship. Investing in vocational schools shall also be included in the mix. Where possible, the government in the short term shall partner with businesses to boost employment. Loan guarantees and tax incentives shall be major components of the overall jobs creation strategy.

Also, as part of the job creation strategy, it shall be required that a certain percentage of a company’s salaries must be paid to Liberian employees. The percentage shall vary depending on the size of the business as well as other factors. It also shall be required that businesses of a certain size must employ a minimum number of Liberians at the executive level. If needed, the government shall assist in recruiting qualified candidates. These policies, however, shall be reviewed periodically.

Emphasis shall be placed on building a vibrant middleclass which is essential in expanding the economy. Creating a middleclass shall be integral to the nation’s economic agenda. Government shall outsource a number of services it performs as a way of encouraging Liberians to establish businesses of their own. An agency shall be created that will cater exclusively to entrepreneurs and small business owners. There will be a vibrant middleclass as part of the New Liberia!!

4.2 PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: In keeping with our long-term vision of becoming a prime laboratory for Green technology, all vehicles, especially those used for public transportation shall be constantly monitored to ensure pollution is kept at a minimum. Priority shall be given to a mass transit system that is energy efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. We shall encourage the use of public transportation by ensuring it is user-friendly and easily accessible. Tax incentives shall be provided for purchase of low emission vehicles.

Meanwhile, we shall create a functional public transportation system that is adequate to meet current demands.

4.3 LIBERIANS IN THE DIASPORA: Tens of thousands Liberians fled the war and are now living in exile. The majority of them would like to return but are unable to afford it. Therefore, a major component of the national healing and reconciliation agenda shall be to assist Liberians to return home. We shall create the Repatriation Assistance Program that will be managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The purpose of this program shall be to facilitate the return of Liberians to their homeland. No Liberian should be neglected or abandoned by their government for any reason. It is high time Liberians start caring for one another and lose the spirit of selfishness.

Furthermore, an adhoc committee shall be created for the purpose of interfacing directly with Liberians in the Diaspora. As major contributors to the national economy, Liberians in the Diaspora must be made to feel an integral part of the rebuilding process so that they may also take advantage of opportunities as these become available. The government shall assist Liberians living abroad in organizing their respective communities in order to augment their standing within the various countries. By doing so, they will be better able to advance Liberia’s interests abroad. Also, in the New Liberia, a natural born citizen shall under no circumstance lose their citizenship.

4.4 FINANCING THE VISION FOR THE NEW LIBERIA: Monies required to build the New Liberia shall be generated from a variety of sources, including savings resulting from reduced corruption, expansion of the tax base, elimination of unnecessary government expenditures, utilization of technology, and a business-friendly environment. Also, developing a vibrant middle class and professionalizing the civil service shall increase government revenue. Additional revenue shall be generated as a result of the transformation into an ecologically conscious nation and creation of a major International Financial Center.

With the introduction of a Highly Efficient Management System, the benefit of a Clear Vision, and a well-organized Plan of action; we project a four hundred percent (400 %) increase in the Liberia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) within seven (7) years.


TQ Harris Short term (1 – 5 years) Plan for building the New Liberia

5.1 POLITICAL SUB-DIVISIONS: For purposes of accelerating growth and development across the nation, integrating the various ethnic groups, fostering a national identity, ensuring more equitable distribution of the nation’s resources, and for more efficient management; Liberia shall be sectioned into three (3) major political sub-divisions called Provinces: Eastern, Western and Central. Each Province shall comprise of a number of counties and have a governing body that is subordinate to the Central Government.

5.2 GOVERNMENT OVERHAUL: The current governmental structure shall be redesigned with the goal of making its various components more agile, efficient, productive and functional. This shall eliminate redundancy, enhance productivity and reduce corruption. The new structure also shall enable a smooth interface between the Central Government and the three (3) newly created Provinces, taking into account their responsibilities and local governing bodies. Decentralization in this form will no doubt accelerate growth and development across the nation.

We shall professionalize the government through the introduction of a highly efficient management system.

5.3 THE CONSTITUTION: It is high time a new Constitution is drafted that takes into account lessons learned in the past and create proper guidelines for the New Liberia. The new Constitution shall reflect values innate to the Liberian experience. It also shall eliminate antiquated laws and position the nation to deal effectively with challenges of the 21st Century and beyond. Along with drafting a new Constitution, education shall be provided so that the citizenry may better understand the significance of this all important document.

5.4 NATIONAL SYMBOLS: Several of the national symbols have been the subject of intense debates and uneasiness amongst Liberians. There is no better time than now to resolve these issues as a way of putting the past behind us and moving into the future. A committee shall be empowered to study the national symbols and make recommendations as it sees fit. Changes shall be implemented accordingly.

5.5 NEW POLITICAL CAPITAL - (PHASE I): Designing and building the new political capital in the Central Province shall be carried out in phases, beginning with mapping and layout to be completed within 5 years. Monrovia shall remain the commercial Capital where the International Financial Center might be located. The City’s infrastructure shall be upgraded and modernized to meet future demands.


TQ Harris Short term (1 – 5 years) Plan for building the New Liberia

6.1 NATIONAL ELECTRICAL GRID (PHASE I): Nothing will announce more loudly that Liberia has returned to the post modern era than bringing the national electrical grid on line. The benefits of electrifying the country are numerous; among these: crime reduction, increased employment, expanded educational opportunities as well as a substantial boost in the economy. Almost immediately after turning on the power an appreciable number of businesses are expected to spring up. We shall give high priority to building the nation’s electrical power system which translates directly into economic prosperity! And, in light of the long-term vision, preference shall be given to hydro, wind, solar and biomass, as well as other environmentally compatible alternatives.

We shall promote energy conservation and provide incentives for installing personal renewable power generation systems.

6.2 ROAD CONSTRUCTION (PHASE I): Essential to growth, development, unification, political stability and modernization is the construction of a network of safe roads across the Nation. This shall be accomplished by setting specific goals as it relates to miles-of-roads-built and miles-of-roads-paved per year as a measure of progress. Road construction also shall be carried out in such a manner that takes into account the nation’s long-term vision of becoming a prime laboratory for Green technologies so there will be minimum impact on the environment.

6.3 WATER AND SEWER SYSTEM (PHASE I): Isn’t it ironic, that a country which averages more that 150 inches of rain a year and has major rivers flowing in every direction lacks clean drinking water? Well, this problem is about to be solved permanently. The issue of clean drinking water obviously requires immediate action because life cannot be sustained nor can a person’s health be maintained without it. Therefore we shall proceed immediately to establish water purification stations at various locations throughout the country that are capable of processing tens of thousands of gallons of clean drinking water a day. At these stations people will be able to fill up containers 24 hours a day for personal use. In areas where the plumbing is still intact we also shall supply clean drinking water to homes and businesses as well as provide community filling stations.

The design of a fully functional national water and sewer system shall begin immediately at the start of our administration. Upon completion of the design, construction in phases will begin shortly thereafter. In keeping with the Vision, we shall exhaust all efforts to ensure that the nation’s water and sewer system adapts to the natural environment.

6.4 AIR AND SEA PORTS (PHASE I): Liberia’s Air and Sea Ports could become major sources of revenue if developed and managed properly. Therefore we shall in partnership with reputable, competent companies bring the major air and sea ports up to international standards within a relative short period space of time in order to service not only our own needs, but also that of other countries within the Sub-region and beyond. The Ports of Liberia are essential to achieving the Long-term Vision and critical to the overall transformation process. Included in our development agenda are plans to expand the Roberts International Airport (RIA) in the not too distant future so that it may serve as a hub for major airlines. Also, we shall construct a second international airport in the Central Province which will play a crucial role in building the new Political Capital. Key to establishing light manufacturing/assembly and distribution facilities in Liberia is the Air and Sea Ports Project. There are preliminary studies currently underway to determine where best to locate a high power commercial radar tracking installation capable of servicing the entire region. Additionally, the air and sea ports will give access to Liberia’s 200 miles of prime real estate along the Atlantic Ocean. This God given gift is ideal for healthy living and an excellent origination/transit point for international travel.

The complete Long-term agenda for systematically creating the New Liberia within a period of 25 years is contained in the document entitled: Liberia Strategic Recovery Plan.

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